There has been a plethora of riveting news in the past 2 weeks. A new president was inaugurated, women answered a call to action and marched world-wide, and the whole world is taking note of the unknowns that lay ahead for the U.S. Not a lot from entrepreneurial experts right now – maybe they are processing and incubating deep thoughts yet to be released. The offering in this edition is a little on the light side, but still valuable. Knowing is half the battle. Enjoy!



Is Entrepreneurship the Most Productive Part of Our Economy. Kauffman Foundation. The absence of productivity growth is prompting lower forecasts for American economic growth. How do we increase productivity growth? Kauffman offers an insightful discussion.

Here Is How Entrepreneurs Can Create Real, High-Value Jobs. Forbes. How can we as entrepreneurs create jobs that strengthen our society? Just bringing on more people does not make our companies or our economy healthier. We need to up-skill our workforce.

Are Entrepreneurs an Endangered Species? 3 Safeguards to Ensure You Are Not Next. Entrepreneur. By taking a cautious approach and exercising a healthy level of prudence, you can navigate the economic headwinds to succeed. Valuable, practical advice.

The Gender Gap Remains Large: 3 New Insights from the Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs. Kauffman Foundation. Although the data shows a continued sizeable gender gap in entrepreneurship, women-owned firms are showing some increase in revenue. Very helpful data. Remember, it’s an evolution.

Sallie Krawcheck: Why I’m Over Women’s ‘Empowerment’. Fortune. Sallie shares the steps she believes women must take to acknowledge power, use it, and most importantly, build upon it. A powerful dose of straight talk. Thanks Sallie!

Will This Be the Year You Seriously Drive Up the Value of Your Company? Kirk McLaren via LinkedIn. If you’ve resolved to make your company more valuable in 2017, you may want to think hard about how your customers pay. Thanks for using my company as the example for showcasing the power of recurring revenue!



Let’s Get to Work, Please. Steph’s Stories Blog. On the heels of a light 2 weeks for entrepreneurial knowledge sharing coupled with the energy and call to action created by the Women’s March, I’m sharing a blog I penned following the election about the importance of getting to work and creating our own destiny.



Some of the brightest and most dedicated are uncovering powerful new insights to enhance the evolution of women in entrepreneurship. Their research and findings are difference-making for progress.

Does Scarcity Make You Dumb? Deloitte University Press. When people lack the tools and resources to operate effectively, they fall prey to the scarcity mind-set. If left unchecked, scarcity and can have deleterious effects on performance. The good news is that there is opportunity to prevent scarcity before it happens.

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