The entrepreneurial news the past 2 weeks has returned to a focus on strategies and steps for success. It feels as if we are beginning to focus less on the angst of the political landscape and more on the business of building businesses. And, it feels good. Great stuff in this edition for growing knowledge and making good decisions. Knowing is half the battle. Enjoy!



20 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Never Say. Inc. A very relatable way to sum up how successful entrepreneurs view the world and approach building their businesses. This is a list to pin up on your wall and revisit when the going gets tough!

8 Reasons Married Entrepreneurs Are More Likely to Succeed. Entrepreneur. A stable, loving home-life is a priceless refuge when you’re trying to navigate a business world that is neither. And, the 8 reasons are also skill-building for successful business building.

How Entrepreneurs Will Lead the Way to Advancing Women in the Workforce. Forbes. Entrepreneurs generally don’t get discouraged by what others say is impossible and have the courage to make changes. The absence of corporate America’s workplace constraints on our businesses provides the opportunity to shift norms and create the economic change we seek.

What Could Trump Sign Worth $30B? A Bill for Women Entrepreneurs. Inc. Women entrepreneurs need greater access to capital, mentorship, networks, technology and education. The Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act and the INSPIRE Women Act will make a difference. Smart progress – very good to know!

5 Lies the World Tells Entrepreneurs About How to Succeed. Entrepreneur. Hard work and persistence are not enough – true success hinges on other factors (and it’s not luck). This piece cuts through the clutter and matches my experience to a tee. A great read!

Managing Your Anxiety Through the Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship. Forbes. 3 valuable tips to keep that anxiety in check.

Why the Best Entrepreneurs Are Decisive, Not Close Minded. Entrepreneur. Being decisive does not have to make you close minded. Understanding that virtually every idea has merit and potential success allows teams, and their leaders, to comfortably choose the best paths. A must read!

Entrepreneurs Don’t See Financing as Lenders Do, and It’s Costing Them. Entrepreneur. Financial literacy plus detailed understanding of financing options and their rules of the road are critical to success. This article is packed with knowledge!



Growing Financial Skill to Grow Financial Capital. 3/2/2017 Steph’s Story. Getting comfortable enough to eliminate the fear over money is paramount to success, and the success of your business depends on it. These tips will get you on your way!

Female CEOs Building Corporate Cultures for Business Success: Stephanie Breedlove. Huffington Post. Corporate anthropologist, Andi Simon, studies how business cultures can impact the success and value of a business. My company was chosen as an example of the smart business behind real investment in culture.



Some of the brightest and most dedicated are uncovering powerful new insights to enhance the evolution of women in entrepreneurship. Their research and findings are difference-making for progress.

2017 State of Entrepreneurship Report. Kauffman Foundation. The Kauffman Foundation has released a new report that introduces three mega trends that are fundamentally reshaping entrepreneurship in America. The new demographics of entrepreneurship reveals that under-representation of minority groups and women hurts the economy by reducing the number of businesses and jobs they would create. The new map of entrepreneurship is being drawn as entrepreneurship is increasingly taking place in mid-sized metros and outside traditional urban hubs like Boston and Silicon Valley. The new nature of entrepreneurship is occurring as technology has made it possible for startups to grow revenue without as much hiring, and high-growth companies by revenue are not creating as many jobs as they did in the past.

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