Articles for entrepreneurs over the past two weeks have been focused on tangible tips and how tos that can be put to good use at the daily level, and Forbes dominated the value proposition. Very tangible tools and guidance for all entrepreneurs in this edition. Knowing is half the battle. Enjoy!



6 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Combat Business Travel Blues. Forbes. Easy to implement, practical tips. It’s about setting priorities, living them and reaping the benefits – even when you travel.

Clock Ticks Louder for Older Aspiring Entrepreneurs. USA Today. Starting a business in your 50s? Valuable perspective and tips in this article. 50 may be the new 30!

8 Things Entrepreneurs Say That Instantly Turn Off Investors. Fortune. As an active angel investor, I agree with this list. This list is a sign that you may be in entrepreneurship for the wrong reasons.

Why Entrepreneurs Must Constantly Reevaluate the Risks They’re Willing to Take. Forbes. Entrepreneurship is problem solving. It is constant learning. It is often failure because we are taking risks. And it is building who we are meant to be and what we are capable of, as the author says – building muscle.

7 Facts Tax Facts Entrepreneurs Need to Know Before Filing This Year. Entrepreneur. Tax tips for the entrepreneur. Always a help this time of year!

9 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Get More Benefits from Mentoring. Forbes. Mentors do not know everything (even if they act like it). Everything they have to offer has value in the right context. Apply the right context and use what works for you.

Think Slow to Move Fast: The Advantages of Mindfulness. The benefits of bringing mindfulness into your business. Very helpful.

Study Concludes Entrepreneurs Love Their Businesses the Same Way Parents Love Their Kids. Forbes. I’ve always said that I did not have a third child, because I birthed a business instead. Entrepreneurship is indeed true love.



Growing Financial Skill to Grow Financial Capital. 3/2/2017 Steph’s Story. Getting comfortable enough to eliminate the fear over money is paramount to success, and the success of your business depends on it. These tips will get you on your way!

What Is Being All In and Why Is It So Important? 3/30/2017 Steph’s Story. Being all in gives you the power to overcome obstacles.



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