The best of the past two weeks have a common theme focused on tangible solutions and productivity. Whether discussing business problems or sexual harassment, the discussion was focused on solutions rather than problems. Good perspectives that are ‘glass half full’ rather than ‘half empty.’ Enjoy!



How Entrepreneurs Can Resist Shiny-Object Syndrome. @EntMagazineME. Don’t run a company that feels like Baskin Robbins with a new flavor (focus) each month. Great to see a study proving the downside of shiny object syndrome.

Angels, Let’s Improve the Funding Environment for Women Entrepreneurs. @Forbes. Angel investors of both genders can be a part of the solution for providing a level playing field for women entrepreneurs.

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need More Than Just an Idea and a Plan. @Forbes. “Genius is 1% innovation and 99% competence.” Smart, hard work is a key to entrepreneurial success.

A People-First View of Investing in Innovation or Entrepreneurs Who Take People for Granted Will Fail. @TechCrunch. An interesting perspective of the importance of human impact and 6 social opportunities for entrepreneurs to pay attention to.

3 Ways Entrepreneurs Kill Growth. @Forbes. This is a perspective that breaks with many norms, and is valuable insight.

VCs in the Land of Redwoods Need to Stand Taller and Address Gender Inequality. @TechCrunch. Great read. This author delivers on the moto of “don’t bring a complaint unless you also bring a solution.”

How Cities Can Unlock the Potential of Women Entrepreneurs. @Forbes. Do you live in a city that supports high-potential women entrepreneurs?



Set Your Pace to Win the Race. 7/13/2017 Steph’s Stories. The power of priority in each area of life produces a ripple effect that strengthens the whole.

What in the World Is Balance? 7/6/2017 Tips from the Community. Jennifer Garner, Founder Refined Interiors, is one of the few women I know that has an innate talent for knowing how to balance. She instinctively knows how to prioritize to create a fulfilling professional and personal life. We are so grateful to learn from Jennifer!



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