10/5/2017 Edition of Entrepreneurs Should Know


The most appropriate word for thearticles over the past two weeks is EDGY. Strong opinions dominate with data-backed arguments. There is also solid follow through with ideas for seizing opportunity or creating change. Don’t complain without offering a solution! Good stuff. Enjoy!



Has Social Media Ruined Professional Networking for Entrepreneurs?@Inc.It’s time we consider the ramifications of growing up in a world where much of our interpersonal communication occurs via the internet. Message: Balance is key and it’s missing.

How Women Face Challenges in the Business World.@TheNational.Stick to your guns, know your services worth, and lead by example with support for others. Very useful insight.

Here are the Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Asking VCs for Money.@CNBC.Raising cash may be the hardest job for an entrepreneur. Global venture capitalists share mistakes to avoid for increasing your odds of success.

Are Your Hiring Practices Slowing Your Company’s Growth?@Forbes.Whether you are in survival mode or hyper-growth, your employees can make or break your company.

Not All Entrepreneurs Are Rebels, Rule Breakers or Disruptors.@Inc.A recent article in The New York Times gives an inaccurate view of entrepreneurs and their typical behavior.

David Brooks is Mistaken: The Economy is Broken.@Forbes.We need to be willing to rethink fundamental assumptions, even including drawing on ideas (gulp) from other disciplines. Challenging our beliefs makes us grow.

Entrepreneurs Should Wait as Long as Possible to Raise Money, Says a VC Who Has Invested in Over 20 Companies.@BusinessInsider.Fund raising isn’t about cash, it’s about control. Great perspective, great read.

America’s Biggest Imports Still Have to Be Immigrant Entrepreneurs Thanks to Millennials.@Forbes.Most people don’t know the statistics are so shocking. We need more businesses to stimulate the economy – and we need them from both immigrants and millennials.

Overcoming Fear as a Female Entrepreneur.@HuffPost.What’s the biggest barrier between a woman entrepreneur and success? The fear she creates in her own mind.



Actually There IS Accounting for Success.9/14/2017 Steph’s Stories.Money is at the top of the list of tough stuff for most entrepreneurs. If you hold yourself fully accountable, money doesn’t have to be one of your tough topics.

Why is Investing in Being a Life-Long Learner So Powerful?9/28/2017 Tips from the Community.By Wendy Sachs, Founder – The Philadelphia Nanny Network. Wendy’s 30+ years of experience and wisdom will energize you to find the commitment, and reap the rewards.




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