11-16-2017 Edition of Entrepreneurs Should Know

Depth describes the entrepreneurial articles over the past 2 weeks. No, they aren’t as deep as a research study, but many resonated deeply enough to consider printing them and pinning them up the wall for reference and reminder. Knowledge is power. Enjoy!


The 5 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Launching Something New. @Forbes. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of mistakes you will make in launching a new endeavor. Here a few at the top to prevent to increase your level of success.

7 Reasons You’d Make a Successful Entrepreneur. @TheStreet. Entrepreneurs are innovative people often willing to take risks and tackle problems, but always strive to remain at the forefront of innovation to be one step ahead of their competitors.

My Best Advice for Entrepreneurs – Find a Mentor. @Forbes. Any entrepreneur that tells you that having a mentor is not helpful has simply not found the right mentor. Here’s how to go about it so you can experience the valuable benefits.

Why I’m Not Impressed with Serial Entrepreneurs. @EntMagazineME. Some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs are not serial entrepreneurs. Investors are looking for perseverance and commitment, and participation in 5-10 startups doesn’t always demonstrate a willingness to push through hard times.

How to Avoid Making the Same Mistake – 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs. @Forbes. Take note of your mistakes, try to understand them, and see the opportunity in them (glass half full). Here’s how. Note: This one is worth pinning up on the wall.

Why the End of the Startup Era Could Be Great for Entrepreneurs. @TechCrunch. Consolidation is occurring; however, this could actually be very good for new startups.

Small Business on Track to Beat Revenues as Confidence in Economy Surges. @BusinessWire. The positive outlook on the economy bodes well for growth, as 92% of small business owners indicate that a positive economic environment is a critical factor in their ability to grow. (Valuable broad knowledge of the landscape we work in.)

5 Tips for Women Entrepreneurs to Close the Savings Gap. @EntMagazineME. Male peers have more in savings to buffer the unexpected. Tips for saving to mitigate risk.



Game Changers: Difference-Making. 11/7/2017 Steph’s Stories. Everyone one of us desires to make a difference. How do you define making a difference?

The Mother-Founder Paradox and It’s Meaning to Entrepreneurship. 10/26/2017 Tips from the Community. By Jen Mellon, Co-Founder @Trustify. Jen transparently shares on the paradigm shift needed around women who are also parents, and their ability to be good entrepreneurs. Thank you for stepping out Jen!



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