There seems to be a lot of talk but not a lot of walk when it comes to truly great service. How often does a company exceed your expectations? Heck, how often do they meet your expectations? Most companies I work with require a lot from me if I want to receive timely, accurate, quality service. If I don’t take the lead as problem-solver, quality communicator, and solution provider, I often don’t receive what I’m paying for. This is across the board – from cable service to sophisticated consultants. But, when WOW Client Service is actually delivered, it exceeds expectations and is difference-making – for both client and company. What is WOW Client Service? And what are the benefits?

You are delivering WOW Client Service when:

  • Clients have confidence that you are the deepest expert in your field, building trust that your product or service offering is truly the best. They want to trust that no one knows more, that you are dedicated to being be the best, and no one is better than you.

    • Example: In my area of expertise, intimate knowledge of labor, payroll and tax law at the federal, state and local levels is required. A team of experts is deeply engaged, but more importantly, their knowledge is transferred at a deep level to all areas of the company as an ongoing mission-critical strategy– particularly to client service consultants. Knowledge is power.

  • Clients are delivered a scope of service that is as broad and comprehensive as logically possible for the dollar. There is no better way to prove that the client is really first. A hand-off back to the client when they have less expertise than you do is painful, unproductive, and creates problems that boomerang back to you.

    • Another example from my experience: Payroll and tax companies hang their hat on the delivery of timely and accurate payroll and tax filings. Extras such as correspondence with government agencies to resolve mistakes typically made by the agency or the client are viewed as outside the scope of service. Yet no one is more qualified to resolve these issues than the payroll company, even if they did not create them. By receiving all correspondence for clients (over a million pieces of mail and growing), issues can be resolved efficiently and thoroughly. The client cannot do this easily and they know it. As a result, issues are handled successfully and do not create future problems, and clients are satisfied beyond belief. A real win for everyone.

  • Your offering is efficient, timely, easy-to-use, and professional at unparalleled levels. It is important to think out of the box for this third requirement. Yes, automation is critical. Yes, professional, helpful staff is critical. But ‘how’ you deliver your automation, your deliverables or product, and your helpful client contact is far more important.

    • Another specific example: Although organized, easy-to-understand tax and payroll documents are paramount (and not always easy to deliver), clients also need education and decision-making assistance with complex issues that can have great impact. This need is met with a team of deeply trained consultants available by phone 50 hours per week without an appointment and for as long as needed – for no extra charge. And the goal is to answer every call live – no voicemail, no phone tag, ready to consult when the client needs it. This unorthodox model actually creates business efficiency through high touch education and sophisticated problem solving while simultaneously creating unparalleled value. I once had a colleague ask my thoughts on how to keep client calls below 4 minutes, focusing on client service as a cost rather than a benefit. I just smiled, as I don’t think she would have believed the success of our strategy.

Some of the tangible benefits of delivering WOW Client Service:

  • Clients place high value for the dollar, they are loyal and they engage with your product or service for a lifetime (even if they come and go).
  • Clients become a significant part of your sales force.
  • Business development partners choose you easily over competition.
  • Marketing spend broadens beyond expensive brand image and customer acquisition efforts.
  • Employees engage at higher levels. When clients value your offering at a high level, pride and value is generated for employees.
  • Growth and profit that result begets better service, and the cycle continues…

WOW Client Service requires strong belief in its power coupled with tremendous effort. It must be a cornerstone of your business strategy for success. Is it really worth it? Absolutely! The long-term benefits create real value, real advantage and the ability to make a difference for a very long time.