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Stephanie Breedlove is a thought leader who helps entrepreneurs understand how to create a business with economic impact. She has spent a career walking the walk of a woman entrepreneur, building an integrated life of family and high growth business. Women owned businesses contribute only 3.8% of total U.S. revenue and employ only 6% of the workforce. “Let’s not leave more on the table than we should. Let’s not settle. Let’s believe that developing our talents to the fullest is good for us, our families, society and the economy.” Stephanie speaks on the subject of women entrepreneurism and the need for growth and greater economic impact.

Have You Found Your Secret Sauce?

In a world of tough competition, how do you distinguish your brand from the rest?

Experts agree that entrepreneurs maximize a business idea when their authentic talents and values are at the core of their business and woven into the fabric of their efforts. These aren’t always groundbreaking. They are often subtle, a slightly different way [Read more]

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Why Is Investing in Being a Life-Long Learner So Powerful?

Hello All In community! Today’s wisdom comes to you from Wendy Sachs, Founder of The Philadelphia Nanny Network. As a 30+ year successful entrepreneur, Wendy has traveled a long and deep journey to understand the power and value of life-long learning. Her words of wisdom will get you to find the commitment, and reap the [Read more]

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Actually, There IS Accounting for Success

Money is at the top of the list of tough stuff for most entrepreneurs. When a business issue (versus a personal issue) is the core reason for failure, 65% of the time it is due to financial mismanagement. If you hold yourself fully accountable, money doesn’t have to be one of your tough topics. I [Read more]

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9/7/2017 Edition of Entrepreneurs Should Know

In the articles over the past two weeks, two themes seemed to emerge: A renewed focus on the
advancement of women entrepreneurs, and advice focused on grass-roots efforts and the value
of working hard and doing things right. I truly enjoyed reading the past couple of weeks, and I
know you will enjoy the best of the offering. [Read more]

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How to Lose a Pitch Competition Like a CEO

How not winning my first pitch competition confirmed my entrepreneurial mindset for success

Hello All In community! Today’s wisdom comes to you from Janice Omadeke, Founder of The Mentor Method. If you are thinking about raising money or trying to raise money, Janice’s authentic advice will be a game changer. Thank you Janice for [Read more]

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8/24/2017 Edition of Entrepreneurs Should Know

I’m back from a little R&R and back in the saddle – keeping up with learnings and goings on in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Here are the latest useful articles. Knowledge is power for good decision making. Enjoy!



Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Good Entrepreneur? Hint: It’s Not Something You [Read more]

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Make the Unpredictable Predictable

I feel that one of the greatest obstacles for seizing growth opportunity is the absence of skills needed to get there. Missing skills often make growth feel too hard, too unpredictable, and too scary. This is when conscious self-awareness, attitude, and approach must be brought into play. Are you finished maximizing impact? If you don’t [Read more]

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8/10/2017 Edition of Entrepreneurs Should Know

I am on vacation this week and am striving to unplug, rest and rejuvenate. True to my mission, I have not read, analyzed or selected my favorite articles for consumption. But I’m not leaving you hanging . Today’s ‘Latest’ contains a summary of 2017 entrepreneurial studies that I have found of value. I know you [Read more]

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Education = Strategy for Overcoming Obstacles

Hello All In community! Today’s wisdom comes to you from Desiree Leung, Director of Finance, HomePay. Desiree brings an intimate example of the power of education. Her words of wisdom are meaningful on many levels, as she also shares the power in doing really hard things – getting a graduate degree while working. Wow! [Read more]

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7/27/2017 Edition of Entrepreneurs Should Know

The best of the past two weeks have a common theme focused on tangible solutions and productivity. Whether discussing business problems or sexual harassment, the discussion was focused on solutions rather than problems. Good perspectives that are ‘glass half full’ rather than ‘half empty.’ Enjoy!



How Entrepreneurs Can Resist Shiny-Object Syndrome. @EntMagazineME. Don’t [Read more]

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