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Stephanie Breedlove

is a thought leader who helps entrepreneurs understand how to create a business with economic impact. She has spent a career walking the walk of a woman entrepreneur, building an integrated life of family and high growth business.

Women owned businesses contribute only 3.8% of total U.S. revenue and employ only 6% of the workforce.

“Let’s not leave more on the table than we should.  Let’s not settle.  Let’s believe that developing our talents to the fullest is good for us, our families, society and the economy.”

Stephanie speaks on the subject of women entrepreneurship and the need for growth and greater economic impact.

Featured Testimonial

“I have been blessed to have a truly amazing mentor, Stephanie Breedlove, throughout my professional career. The type of mentor most people spend their entire career hoping to find, the type of mentor who believes in you and takes the time to build your skills and knowledge, the type of mentor who will support and guide you by providing the positive along with the not so easy to hear feedback, the type of mentor who is instrumental to your career success. Stephanie believes in real and tangible investment in people as the true secret to success. Through her ongoing guidance and support, I have grown my understanding and skills of what leadership means and how to successfully run a business. Stephanie’s vision and the culture she created at HomePay, provided by Breedlove, lives on due, in large part, to the time she invested in cultivating and inspiring the management team to have strength, integrity, clarity and commitment that produces growth, fulfillment and success for the company and its people. Her mentorship has taught me to lead with values, set priorities with conscious purpose and to embrace the power of mentorship as integral to the daily way of working. I am grateful for the past decade of sponsorship and her continued support and guidance in my professional development.”
Kerri Swope, HomePay by Breedlove, Division Lead and Senior Director
Stephanie Breedlove is to women entrepreneurs what Sheryl Sandberg is to corporate women. Sheryl is a strong voice for women’s workplace empowerment. But for the woman entrepreneur self-funding ….

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Stephanie Breedlove started, built and grew her company to national leadership before selling it for a substantial sum. Today Breedlove is an outspoken authority on the topic of women entrepreneurs….


Stephanie is a thought leader and national expert in the emerging care industry, as well as a mentor, business expert and thought leader for women entrepreneurs striving to answer the calling and build….