Guidance, tools, and value for women making it happen. The entrepreneurial grass is greener!

Being an entrepreneur is hard.

Being an entrepreneur and a woman? Even harder.

As co-founder of HomePay, the largest household payroll & tax firm in the country, I’ve traveled the full journey from start-up to successful exit, and I want to help other women take the leap and bravely make tough choices where there are no easy answers.

Women and men are drawn to entrepreneurship for the exact same reasons, but I see smart women slowed by barriers such as fear, self-doubt of skills, thinking small, and lack of role models. These are some of our challenges, but never reasons to give up.

If you are uncertain about the right steps for starting your business or growing your business to the next level, let’s start a conversation. I believe that women can, and should, go everywhere they want to go. For women called to entrepreneurship, I want to help you walk your own path with confidence and community.

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