I love to tell a good story
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“What do you do when someone offers you close to $40 million for your business, which is turning over just $9 million in revenue? If you’re Stephanie Breedlove, co-founder of Breedlove & Associates, you turn it down.”
“Company culture has been an increasingly important focus of business over the last decade. When every member of your team takes ownership, produces superior results and thrives, it is a recipe for success.”
“Stephanie’s story illustrates how she effectively created a work culture that enabled her staff of over 50 to do good work by working together well.”
“I wanted to put my nanny on the books and give her the benefits she deserved, said Stephanie Breedlove. That led to Ms. Breedlove’s starting a payroll company for families that was later acquired by Care.com.”
“Families who find they need to hire someone like a nanny or home health aide may be more focused on their daily chores than the IRS, but the decision could come with added tax responsibilities.”
“A working-mom of two now-adult sons, Stephanie Breedlove co-founded her company to help make sure others like her don’t fall prey to the nanny tax trap.”
“The reality is that every day, real families – dual income folks with someone helping to take care of their kids in the home have employment tax requirements that are commonly overlooked, said Stephanie Breedlove, head of Care.com HomePay.”
“I employ a set of business criteria that is a preliminary high-level litmus test. If an idea passes the litmus test, I proceed to the 5 things I must see in founders to consider investment.”
“Stephanie’s has a vigor about her. She has the born-again vibe a woman who has made it to the other side of a great divide and wants to share the good news with the world – in a business sense.”
“Stephanie Breedlove fulfilled her entrepreneurial dream in a big way. Now she’s committed to growing her next venture – to support and mentor her fellow female entrepreneurs – to even greater heights.”
“If you’re stalling on filing your taxes because you’ve hired a nanny and don’t know how to file for this, Stephanie Breedlove of Care.com HomePay, has crucial advice for you.”
“Tax rules surrounding employment of a caregiver can be confusing and costly if a mistake is made. There’s just not enough awareness in the marketplace, says Stephanie Breedlove, head of Care.com HomePay.”
“Ryan Flickinger was barely 3 months old when his parents sat staring cross-eyed at IRS Publication 926, a recipe for parental colic otherwise known as Household Employer’s Tax Guide. The Flickingers are one of many couples who have concluded that paying for professional help beats spending hours mastering tax rules that apply to anyone who employs a nanny. Neither wanting to master the system or run afoul of the law, they chose Breedlove & Associates.”
“There has been a 45% rise in women entrepreneurs from 2007 to 2016, showing that women are not just diving into business, but doing so very successfully.”
“Building a scalable business with sustained value is a marathon, not a sprint, and women seem to innately get that.”
“Women consistently state that lack of female role models is a core barrier for deciding to launch or grow a business. According to the Kauffman Foundation, it is one of the top reasons holding women back.”
“Are you thinking big enough? Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to go ALL IN? I recently caught up with Stephanie to discuss the lessons she has learned as an entrepreneur. Her advice applies to all entrepreneurs, but her new book includes specific advice for women.”
“I asked Stephanie to tell me about a time in her life when she made a major change. Here’s the story she shared…”
“Stephanie Breedlove and her husband founded Breedlove & Associates to help families who hire a nanny with the crushing burden of paperwork this entails. There are trails of exceedingly boring paper. Last year, Breedlove decided to go paperless.”
“The Breedlove’s newly renovated residence is the epitome of lakeside luxury. Recently, over 6 months, Stephanie sequestered herself in the family game room with some giant paper storyboards and extra tables. Recharged by the nature and wildlife outside, she buckled down and wrote a book, All In: How Women Entrepreneurs Can Think Bigger, Build Sustainable Businesses, and Change the World.


“The tax deadline is looming, and Stephanie Breedlove tackles nanny taxes for families with in-home care on KXAN news.”


“Stephanie tells the tale of how she and her husband built a company from the ground up to a later acquisition of over $50 million. We talk about the moment she knew it was time to leave her cushy corporate job to pursue her venture, and what it took along the way to believe in herself.”
“Stephanie Breedlove started a payroll company to make it easier for parents to pay their nannies. By 2012, they had hit $9M in annual sales when she got a call from the CEO of venture-backed Care.com.”

Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg

“Stephanie and Randi talk about the journey of scaling a business while growing a family, and the tools for finding the balance that works for you.
“Stephanie and Kevin talk about Stephanie’s journey to build a multi-million dollar startup.”
“Stephanie and Jodi talk transparently about the tough moments that define the entrepreneurial journey and how to continuously learn from them.
“Stephanie and Panio talk via Facebook live about the importance of self-awareness, confidence and vulnerability as important on the road to entrepreneurial success.”
“Stephanie and Andi talk about the journey of entrepreneurship and the importance of focus on culture and customer to maximize success.”
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“Stephanie lets entrepreneurs in on the reality of the entrepreneurial journey: it’s usually a marathon not a sprint. And, the ride is so fantastic, that this is a good thing!”
“Breedlove shares her entrepreneurial journey and the most valuable lessons along the way.”