The Secret’s Out: The Amazing Things Successful Women Entrepreneurs Share

Hello All In community! Today’s wisdom comes to you from Andi Simon, President of Simon Associates. Andi is a powerhouse of knowledge, expertise and support for women entrepreneurs and the potential of their economic impact. Andi’s deep studies prove that women at the top of organizations produces results – even though methodologies may differ from [Read more]

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12/14/2017 Edition of Entrepreneurs Should Know

Hello All InCommunity! The past 15 months of curating trending entrepreneurial articles for easy consumption has been an honor and down right fun. This will be my last curated blog for the foreseeable future. Don’t worry, I’m not halting my reading and researching. I’m just going to try my hand at sharing my favorite articles [Read more]

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How to Create a Company of Owners and Why It is Smart Business

A Company of Owners Is a Company of Engaged Individuals

Company culture has been an increasingly important focus of businesses over the last decade. In fact, a study led by Columbia Business School showed that more than 50% of survey respondents felt that corporate culture has an influence on productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value, and growth [Read more]

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