“Being All In is what creates the
1% mindset shift that is the difference
between success and failure, between
going through the motions of life and
answering the call to go everywhere
you are meant to go.”


Are you all in as an entrepreneur in business and in life?

Stephanie Breedlove took a leap of faith, left the corporate world, and answered the call of entrepreneurship. Over the next few years she built a thriving business while simultaneously raising two young children, eventually selling her start-up for more than $50 million.

In All In: How Women Entrepreneurs Can Think Bigger, Build Sustainable Businesses, and Change the World, Breedlove fills a gap in the lack of role models as she outlines the hows and whys behind the decisions that led her towards success.” Her inspiring message empowers readers to be all they are called to be, to set the bar higher, and to grow businesses with economic impact and power.

All In explores the current status of women in growth business, debunks myths surrounding entrepreneurship, and gives practical advice and support for women who want to start or grow their own businesses. Using research, case studies, and transparent insights from her own journey, Breedlove gives her readers the information and authentic guidance they need to take the leap and bravely make tough choices where there are no easy answers.


“For more women to engage in entrepreneurship, they need role models who they can relate to. Stephanie Breedlove shares her honest experience and practical insights for how she’s succeeded in entrepreneurship. Her example is a stepping stone for future women entrepreneurs.”

— Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

“Stephanie Breedlove’s book, All In, is a Lean In for female entrepreneurs. Breedlove calls going all in the ‘secret ingredient’ of a business and advises women to take small steps and pace themselves but to ensure they are thinking big.”

— The National

“This book gave me a lot to think about and I think it is for every woman not just women who want to start a business. In this book you will learn about 18 business strategies, and it is really about what it takes to be successful no matter what. I appreciate the confidence Stephanie has in her readers. It sure has motivated me to do my best.”

— San Francisco Review


What does being All In mean to you?