Make the Unpredictable Predictable

I feel that one of the greatest obstacles for seizing growth opportunity is the absence of skills needed to get there. Missing skills often make growth feel too hard, too unpredictable, and too scary. This is when conscious self-awareness, attitude, and approach must be brought into play. Are you finished maximizing impact? If you don’t [Read more]

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Set Your Pace to Win the Race

When it comes to business, working hard is nothing without working smart.

The power of priority in each area of life produces a ripple effect that strengthens the whole.

We’ve all worked with companies whose priorities and strategies are like Baskin-Robbins, where there’s always a new flavor of the month. They work extremely hard. There’s a [Read more]

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Why Shouldn’t You Go It Alone?

Going it alone could be the worst decision you ever make.

“If you want something done right, do it yourself ” should be eliminated from the list of clichés and replaced with “You should not do it alone.” I spent too many years trying to do it myself and have suffered terribly. Our culture seems to [Read more]

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Why Is Confidence a Growth Opportunity?

Successful entrepreneurs all have something big in common. Courage! According to the Hiscox American Courage Index, business owners show a higher level of courage than the general population, and for good reason. It takes guts to persist in the face of ambiguity and failure.

High confidence is a crucial element in thinking big. Part [Read more]

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The Church of Small Steps

“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” When Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and spoke these words, it was transformative. It was anything but “one” or “small.” Executing that first successful U.S. mission to the moon was composed of thousands, and maybe even millions, of small steps and victories. A [Read more]

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What is Being All In, and Why Is It So Important?

Are you all in in business and in life?

The 1% Mindset Shift

Being all in is a 1% mindset shift, just a small shift, that is the difference between thinking and executing at a good level or at a level that takes you everywhere you are capable of going. It is critical to the entrepreneurial journey, [Read more]

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How to Grow Financial Skill to Grow Financial Capital

No Sugar Coating, Let’s Start with Tough Talk

A study of 2500 entrepreneurial companies, conducted by Xero, found that 65% of business failures are due to financial mismanagement. Financial knowledge and accountability is a critical responsibility of every founder for success. Yet when it comes to financial matters, too many entrepreneurs make erroneous assumptions about the [Read more]

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Why I Wrote All In: How Women Entrepreneurs Can Think Bigger, Build Sustainable Businesses, and Change the World

When I began my entrepreneurial journey, I did not know what I know now. I did not know that I would not have a female mentor to turn to or emulate. I did not know that I would feel like a trailblazer, or that I’d feel alone in the quest to create growth, scale, and [Read more]

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Learn to See Opportunity

What do you see in the status of entrepreneurship today? Most people do not know that entrepreneurship has been declining for nearly 3 decades. This means that the percent of adults in the U.S. that start new businesses each year has been shrinking. In 2015, we experienced an increase, which is a very good sign. [Read more]

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Answer the Call

Are you being called to be an entrepreneur? Are you an entrepreneur being called to take your business to the next level?

Are you planning to answer the call? If so, when? Answer honestly. If you’re feeling guilty or uncomfortable about your answer, please think about why. If you have a calling, what is holding [Read more]

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