Speaking Bio:

Stephanie Breedlove has been walking the walk of a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years. After launching a career in corporate America with Accenture, she found her true calling as co-founder of a start-up that grew to national leadership, was later acquired, and continues to grow in leadership and impact.

After more than twenty years as a woman in entrepreneurship, Stephanie has become a thought leader and outspoken authority on the topic of successful entrepreneurship and women in entrepreneurship.

During the season she built her business, she also raised two children within a successful marriage. Breedlove had no start-up funding, no family money, and no background running a business. To create the life she desired, she often found herself at major crossroads. The kind that alter the direction and outcomes of life. The kind that require you to really dig deep to get to where you want to go.

Breedlove & Associates (now Care.com HomePay) was born as a grassroots, personally funded offering of payroll, tax, and consultative services to families with in-home care. As CEO, Stephanie has become a thought leader and national expert in the emerging care industry.

Her rare ability to combine scale, profitability and quality through vision grounded in value-add, long-term strategies has made her a sought after mentor, business expert and entrepreneurial thought leader.

Stephanie truly is ahead of her time, offering a life time of example for entrepreneurs striving to answer the calling and build growth businesses that are successfully integrated into a fulfilling life. Her expertise and experience has been featured in major media and multiple networks across the Nation.

Stephanie’s deep experience and passion is engaging and thought provoking.

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