Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the community! The past two weeks of entrepreneurial news has been as edgy as I’ve seen in a while. From strong opinion on how separate efforts are not the solution for parity, to thoughts on healthcare, to the need for focus on hard work and discipline. The articles have heart and chutzpah. Great stuff for igniting passion. Enjoy!



So, You Want to Be an Entrepreneur? Forbes. If you think entrepreneurship is your calling, you might want to ask the right questions to get confirmation.

Please Stop Trying to Empower Women with Cutesy Titles. Fast Company. A controversial read. I tend to agree: separate is not a step forward on the path to equality. Parity will be achieved when women are known simply as CEOs and entrepreneurs (vs. SHE-EO and mompreneur).

The Human Element: How Strong Relationships Lead to Business Success. Inc. Are you ignoring the most basic element of business relationships? Here’s how to nurture it.

6 Tips for How Women Entrepreneurs Can Run Through Those Inevitable Hurdles. Forbes. These 6 tips are no-nonsense and tell it like it is. Straight forward and valuable!

12 Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur. The most important factor determining success or failure is how much value you get from what you do every day.

Wanna Kill American Startups Before They Start? Force Entrepreneurs to Risk Too Much. Forbes. Bold statements on the importance of healthcare to growing entrepreneurship in the U.S.

19 Millenial Women on Becoming Entrepreneurs. Bustle. This article opens with the importance of focusing on financials and how important it is, then transitions into 19 wildly different entrepreneurial endeavors.

Dell Launches a Machine-Learning Platform for Women Entrepreneurs. Forbes. Hello Alice! Love seeing some of our most influential companies seeing progress for women entrepreneurs as smart business.

One Essential Skill Entrepreneurs Aren’t Talking About Enough. The Good Men Project. Love this article! Hint – it’s not soft.

Paid Leave Pays Off for Entrepreneurs. Forbes. The key to a successful paid leave policy is thoughtful planning, and firms with less than 30 employees are leading the way. Now that’s progress!



Why Small Business Is a Big Deal For Women Entrepreneurs. Heleo. I had the privilege of joining Panio Gianolpoulos, editorial director @Heleoworld in their studios in New York for straight talk on the evolution of entrepreneurship, the necessity of strong female leadership in business, and the testing of good ideas. Thank you Panio and Heleo!

Time is Currency. 5/11/2017 Tips from the Community. At the helm of making a small business hum each day, Tiarra Tompkins of @OnFireBooks has become an expert in the power of spending time wisely to maximize the success of all she does. Thank you Tiarra for sharing your wisdom!



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