It feels like summer, and the latest entrepreneurial articles reflect the feeling of a change of seasons. The top 10 for the last 2 weeks are full of authentic tips, resources, and data you can put to good use. They are without the angst and frustration that has been a strong undertone since the beginning of the year. It’s summer and time for clarity and new ideas. And, happy Father’s Day to all the dads in the community! Enjoy.



7 Books for Entrepreneurs. Inc. A summary of 7 books that inspired this entrepreneur and why they were impactful – to kick off your summer reading list.

What Entrepreneurs Need to Stop Doing Right Now. Fortune. This list includes tips that are counter to what is trendy in entrepreneurship today, and not doing us any favors. Spot on!

A Woman’s One Stop Resource for Starting and Financing a Business. Quickbooks Resources. This article provides access to a guide that is packed with value and is only a 20-minute read. The author, Geri Stengel, is in tune with some of the most significant barriers.

The 4 Biggest Obstacles All New Entrepreneurs Face. Inc. Valuable insights from an incredibly wise new entrepreneur. Hint: These 4 obstacles will be a battle beyond startup, and important to know.

Unlock Women Entrepreneurs’ Amazing Secret to Success. Positivity Daily. A transparent discussion of the secret sauce of smart female entrepreneurs.

For Entrepreneurs, Venture Capital Is Not Always the Best Option. Entrepreneur. Not to mention that it is awarded to less than 1% of startups. Helpful information to learn about non-traditional funding options.

Meyers-Briggs Just Discovered There Is a Personality Type for Entrepreneurs. Inc. Funny and an affirmation of the entrepreneurial brain. The author is an INFP, yet I identified fully as an ENTJ. Seems entrepreneurs take many forms.

Why Women Don’t See Themselves as Entrepreneurs. New York Times. They need more role models so they can see what they can be. Calling all role models. Great data and learnings!

True Entrepreneurs Act, Learn and Repeat. Inc. At every level, good entrepreneurs are learning every day and failing every day.

Top 5 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs, from a Podcast Entrepreneur. Entrepreneur. A podcast could be the source or your next great idea. With so many out there, how do you choose? Here’s a description of 5 for entrepreneurs.



Why Is Confidence a Growth Opportunity? 5/25 Steph’s Stories. You don’t have to be born with confidence, but rather you can grow it over time using these 5 tips.

Proof of ROI from Mentorship. 6/8/2017 Tips from the Community. Not many companies have 15+ years of proof of the ROI from mentorship when it is a best practice and built into the way you work. HomePay does, and Kerri Swope will empower you to begin investing in mentorship today!



eGuides to Maximize the Success of All You Do. Stephanie Breedlove’s Free Tools. Committing to best practices is what enables the development of successful strategy and roadmaps. My eGuides will teach you how to build the best practices that maximize the success of all you do.


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