Most of the articles I read over the past 2 weeks were filled with empowerment, and discussions of the intangible stuff – like balance and failure. These topics are incredibly useful to entrepreneurs in navigating barriers on the road to success. There is real power in simply knowing. Enjoy.



Three Leadership Lessons Wonder Woman Can Teach Female Entrepreneurs. @AllBusiness_com. When I was a kid, Wonder Woman was a weekly TV show, and I couldn’t get enough. Maybe there’s some truth to the Wonder Woman lessons.

Women Entrepreneurs Are Not Victims of Our Choices. @WorkMarket. Every woman entrepreneur needs to read this article. The author’s list of advice proves you can be balanced and happy without trying to be super-woman.

Why Male Mentors Matter. @Forbes. There is no longer any doubt that diversity of opinion leads to bottom line growth. As a part of a gender diverse founder team, I couldn’t agree more. The key is to build more networks for women to have access.

A Woman’s One Stop Resource for Starting and Financing a Business. Quickbooks Resource Center. I featured this article previously, but it is so incredibly helpful with the most difficult challenge – funding – that I am offering it up again.

10 Sources for Funding for Women Entrepreneurs. @Nasdaq. A valuable list of some of the best funding sources for women entrepreneurs – in one brief article!

Why Entrepreneurs Should Aim to Fail. That’s Right, They Should Actively Seek It. @EntMagazineME. When you come out of a tough situation and realize you weren’t crushed by it, you’ll be stronger and ready for what’s next.

Deconstructing the Myth of Work/Life Balance for Entrepreneurs. @Forbes. Work and life sit together on a spectrum, and when you try to separate the two you’re courting disaster. Insightful read.

Tech Investor Admits Sexually Harassing Female Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. @guardian. Justin Caldbeck took a leave of absence from his firm, Binary Capital, after 6 women accused him of unwanted advances, often in the context of potential business deals.



Why Shouldn’t You Go It Alone? 6/22 Steph’s Stories. Going it alone could be one of the worst decisions you make. Learn from my mistakes.

Proof of ROI from Mentorship. 6/8/2017 Tips from the Community. Not many companies have 15+ years of proof of the ROI from mentorship when it is a best practice and built into the way you work. HomePay does, and Kerri Swope will empower you to begin investing in mentorship today!



eGuides to Maximize the Success of All You Do. Stephanie Breedlove’s Free Tools. Committing to best practices is what enables the development of successful strategy and roadmaps. My eGuides will teach you how to build the best practices that maximize the success of all you do.


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