With the 4th of July holiday, I expected the reading to be fluffy, ho-hum, and frankly, a waste of time. Was I wrong. The last 2 weeks of material have been ‘meaty’ and even edgy. It’s been wonderful reading – the stuff that takes your passion up a notch. Enjoy!



Today’s Must-Reads for Entrepreneurs – Where Etsy Went Wrong. @Forbes. This article is jam packed with insights – from the power of being a niche player to the impact of healthcare on entrepreneurs, and a lot in between. Worth the 10-minute read for broad and powerful education.

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey’s Advice to Entrepreneurs: Get Out of PowerPoint. @businessinsider. Successful entrepreneurs are even better doers than they are dreamers. Jack Dorsey’s good advice: Set the deck aside and start doing.

Ten Must-See TED Talks for Entrepreneurs. @EntMagazineME. I’m always on the lookout for “the best of.” These lists are a bundle of efficiency, as they save time searching and they serve up ten resources instead of a couple of good ones. Enjoy.

What Entrepreneurs Should Learn from Uber’s Leadership Crisis. @Forbes. To scale and grow and have the right set of skills and leadership, you cannot be dependent upon the founder(s) talents alone. Powerful advice for every entrepreneur.

5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Never Sacrifice While Building a Business. @CNBC. Good advice for the life of your journey. These are at the top of my list.

20 Wonder Woman Traits of Female Entrepreneurs. @EntMagazineME. Combining the fun of the Wonder Woman character wiht what we can actually learn from her – 20 thought provoking traits.

How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Ahead in a Rapidly Changing World. @Forbes. Timeless advice that will add value to the entrepreneurial journey no matter the current state of change.

Silicon Valley’s Old Boy Power Structure Is Getting Toppled and the Repercussions Will Be Huge. @businessinsider. This article and many others that have hit the internet over the past few weeks tell a sad tale. Let’s use this unfortunate news to create a call to action and spur much needed change.

VCs Ask Men About the Future and Women About Failure, New Study Finds. @EntMagazineME. Additional insights from a new Harvard study continue to be unveiled: VCs ask women founders different questions that often results in less funding. These findings should have us solving for “why.”

Ivanka Trump Helps Launch Project Aimed at Helping Female Entrepreneurs Globally. @refinery29. “No country, organization, or economy can reach its full potential without the full and equal participation of women and men.”



Why Shouldn’t You Go It Alone? 6/22 Steph’s Stories. Going it alone could be one of the worst decisions you make. Learn from my mistakes.

What in the World Is Balance? 7/6/2017 Tips from the Community. Jennifer Garner, Founder Refined Interiors, is one of the few women I know that has an innate talent for knowing how to balance. She instinctively knows how to prioritize to create a fulfilling professional and personal life. We are so grateful to learn from Jennifer!



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