I’m back from a little R&R and back in the saddle – keeping up with learnings and goings on in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Here are the latest useful articles. Knowledge is power for good decision making. Enjoy!



Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Good Entrepreneur? Hint: It’s Not Something You Are Born With. @EntMagazineME. Entrepreneurs are made, not born. They are exceptional learners and have other soft skills that allow them to triumph over adversity and doubt.

How Can Entrepreneurs Take Parental Leave? @Forbes. A valuable discussion and tips for taking parental leave as an entrepreneur.

Leadership Traits Every Entrepreneur Should Possess. @Forbes. I like this list of 10 traits. Very tangible, action oriented and useful. Good list for growing skills.

Entrepreneurs Need More Than Funding. They Need a Community. @Inc. Good advice on the value of building your social capital.

Meet the Men Who Invest in Women Entrepreneurs. @Forbes. Adam Quinton is one of a rare breed of male investors who makes it his business to invest in women-founded or women-led businesses. Change occurring one man at a time!

8 Lessons Entrepreneurs Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way. @Forbes. These lessons are not scary pitfalls, they are skills we should be working on every day for good decision-making.



Make the Unpredictable Predictable. 8/17/2017 Steph’s Stories. One of the greatest obstacles for seizing growth opportunities is the absence of skill needed to get there. Learn to grow them.

Education = Strategy for Overcoming Obstacles. 8/3/2017 Tips from the Community. Desiree Leung, Director of Finance for Care.com HomePay, provides intimate example of how the benefits dwarf the hardship. Thank you for sharing Desiree!



eGuides to Maximize the Success of All You Do. Stephanie Breedlove’s Free Tools. Committing to best practices is what enables the development of successful strategy and roadmaps. My eGuides will teach you how to build the best practices that maximize the success of all you do.


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