In the articles over the past two weeks, two themes seemed to emerge: A renewed focus on the
advancement of women entrepreneurs, and advice focused on grass-roots efforts and the value
of working hard and doing things right. I truly enjoyed reading the past couple of weeks, and I
know you will enjoy the best of the offering. Knowledge is power!


The 5 Personality Traits Entrepreneurs Must Have. @EntMagazineME. 
Entrepreneurs following their passion succeed far more often than those in it for the money.

5 Ways to Create More Female Entrepreneurs. @MT_Editorial.
The lack of female entrepreneurs is costing the economy. Here’s how we can create more.

12 Common Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Need to Look Out For. @Forbes.
Young Entrepreneurs Council sharing examples of when they stepped wrong, and what they took away from the experience. Authentic insight.

Now Is the Time for Entrepreneurs to Look Ahead. @TheNationalUAE.
Planning is never overrated. Here’s what should be on your Q4 list.

These Women Entrepreneurs Created a Fake Male Co-Founder to Dodge Startup Sexism. @FastCompany.
‘Keith’ made things much easier, unfortunately. Valuable story.

7 Myths You Probably Believe About Successful Entrepreneurs. @Forbes.
Common myths along with truths about entrepreneurs and what makes them actually tick.

Why Franchising Was the Key to Success for These 6 Young Entrepreneurs. @Forbes.
Are you worried about how you’ll grow your company? Franchising may be for you.

Women Entrepreneurship in a World of Change: Women Entrepreneurs Expect Big Cracks in the Glass Ceiling Over the Next 20 Years, According to Bank of America Study. @BusinessWire.
The rules of business are changing, and women entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the transformation. The glass is half full!

Entrepreneurs, Don’t Fear the Seed Funding Slowdown – It’s a Market Correction. @VentureBeat.
Good both for the health of the ecosystem and entrepreneurs themselves.


Make the Unpredictable Predictable. 8/17/2017 Steph’s Stories. One of the greatest obstacles for seizing growth opportunities is the absence of skill needed to get there. Learn to grow them.

How to Lose a Pitch Competition Like a CEO. 8/3/2017 Tips from the Community.
If you are thinking about raising money or trying to raise money, the authentic advice from Janice Omadeke, founder @TheMentorMethod, will be a game changer.


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