Knowledge is power for good decision-making and maximizing success. Knowing is often half the battle. Here’s the latest installment of Best of Breed articles and studies just for entrepreneurs. Enjoy!



American Entrepreneurship: Dead or Alive? Gallup. Although the past year has seen an increase in entrepreneurship, it will take many positive years to turn around the long-term decline. Jim Clifton offers valuable data and perspective on the solutions.

A Snapshot of the Emerging Entrepreneur. Kauffman Foundation. Ten attributes common to successful new founders that you may not have thought of, and you probably identify with.

Census Data Provide a Mixed Message on Women Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur. A good synopsis of the state of the evolution of women in entrepreneurship. There is opportunity to be seized!

Women Could Use An ‘Old Boys Network’ of Their Own. NPR. Access to financial capital for women is increasing. Hone the knowledge and skills to acquire it and use it effectively.



More Entrepreneurs Needed: Women Hold the Key to Economic Expansion. Many experts believe that women entrepreneurs are they key to increasing economic growth in the U.S. Alicia Robb is interviewed about her ground-breaking study, Sources of Economic Hope.

No, Female Entrepreneurs Should Not Have to Hide Their Gender to Get Funding. Fortune. Valuable commentary on the impact of gender bias on funding, plus authentic talk on how to bring about change.

3 Types of People Every Entrepreneur Should Try to Meet. Fortune. Building social capital (networks) is a key to success. Useful tips for building your network effectively.

Women Entrepreneurs Taking More Risks Than Men. Small Business Trends. A new BMO Wealth Management Report finds appetite for risk increasing for women entrepreneurs.

Gender Equality: Where Do Female Entrepreneurs Stand Today? Huffington Post. Succinct discussion of where we are, and what government, companies, society and individual women can do to usher in change.



Some of the brightest and most dedicated are uncovering powerful new insights to enhance the evolution of women in entrepreneurship. Their research and findings are difference-making for progress.

Kauffman Compilation: Research on Gender and Entrepreneurship. Kauffman Foundation

Sources of Economic Hope: Women’s Entrepreneurship. Kauffman Foundation

First U.S. Census Bureau Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs. Kauffman Foundation

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