Knowledge is power for good decision-making and maximizing success. Knowing is often half the battle. In this edition, a focus emerged on how important women entrepreneurs are to the economy, how far we have to go, and yet how far we have come. Enjoy!



The Power of the Pivot: Knowing When It Is Time to Change Direction. Huffington Post. Goldman Sachs 10,000 Businesses weighs in on the importance of entrepreneurship and the value of being nimble.

Should Women Bother to Raise Funds from VCs? FOX Business. Yes. Think big and don’t let lack of resources today limit what your business can become tomorrow.

How Women Entrepreneurs Can Get Better Access to Capital. WSJ. It takes strong effort by both women and men.



Male Investors Aren’t the Only Ones Biased Against Female Entrepreneurs. Small Business Trends. Looks like gender bias is a cultural thing. We still have a long way to go.

Female Founders on the Sexist Language of Success: Women Are Visionaries and Geniuses Too. Forbes. Anne Richards’ famous quote sums it up, “Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.”

Jobs and the Promise of Women Entrepreneurs. Forbes. Can female entrepreneurs be the stimulus we need for jobs?

Sputtering Startups Weigh On Economic Growth. WSJ. The U.S. economy is inching along. It has traditionally relied on young growth companies to fuel jobs, but startups have been in a decline. Solutions please.

28 Years Ago Women Gained Control of Their Finances: Here’s How. Bizwomen. Less than 30 years ago, women seeking a loan had to obtain the signature of a male relative. We’ve come a long way.

Never Let a Know-It-All Mentor You. Fortune. Taking the time to find the right mentor is as important as having a mentor.



Some of the brightest and most dedicated are uncovering powerful new insights to enhance the evolution of women in entrepreneurship. Their research and findings are difference-making for progress.

Women Are Key to Accelerating Growth. Kauffman Foundation

Forget the Glass Ceiling. Build Your Business Without One. GEDI, DELL, Geri Stengel

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