It’s entrepreneurship week, and Saturday, 11/19 is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day! This celebration on the heels of an unexpected presidential election outcome brought forth a theme of equality. We’ve come so far, and we have so far to go. Here’s some thought on how in the world to get there. Knowing is often half the battle. Enjoy!



Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Is Spreading the Message of Female Empowerment. Equities. The Women’s Entrepreneurship Day event held on 11/18 at the United Nations in NYC has a goal of empowering over 4 billion women and girls around the globe to be catalysts for change.

Vote Highlighted a Gender Gap, Both Sides Feeling They’ve Lost Ground. New York Times. A quality look at an America painted in shades of pink and blue. The gender divide needs attention on both sides.

True Partnerships and Female Entrepreneurs. BusinessCloud. A real-life example of the success created when men and women bring their talents equally to the creation of a business and the power of this kind of partnership.

Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They Are 100% Qualified. Harvard Business Review. Men are confident in their qualifications at 60%. We need a little more chutzpah ladies, and this applies to entrepreneurs too! This is a good read.

Why You Should Never Put a Label on Your Career. Fortune. Advice on taking the pressure off to make the right decision when it comes to considering a career path change.

Investors and Startup Founders Think Tech’s Diversity Problems Will Solve Themselves. LinkedIn. A first ever survey and a discussion on why we have seen so little progress on diversity in tech.



Stronger Work-Family Policies Help Women Entrepreneurs Build Better Businesses. The Conversation. Sociologist, Sarah Thebaud, finds that work-family policies facilitate entrepreneurship as a choice between two decent options: a secure job and the realization of a market opportunity, as opposed to a choice driven by necessity. Smart business!

Dear Everyone, Let’s Kill the Phrase “Women Entrepreneurs”. Entrepreneur. Some very straight talk about the day when entrepreneurship no longer uses demographic segmentation, and thoughts on how we play our part in getting there.

Sisterhood Is Not Enough: Why Workplace Equality Needs Men, Too. The New York Times. More straight talk on the fact that equality is not a women’s issue but a society issue, and that getting men involved is absolutely critical to success.



Some of the brightest and most dedicated are uncovering powerful new insights to enhance the evolution of women in entrepreneurship. Their research and findings are difference-making for progress.

Can We Finish the Revolution? Gender, Work-Family Ideals and Institutional Constraints. David Pedulla and Sarah Thebaud

Forget the Glass Ceiling. Build Your Business Without One. GEDI, DELL, Geri Stengel


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