The word that summarizes the theme of the latest entrepreneurial articles is Habit. Not tips or advice, but committing to smart habits for generating success. I think we’ve begun to analyze a little more broadly as we prepare to make improvements in the new year. Knowledge is power. Enjoy!



Why Entrepreneurship is Better Together.@Forbes.Entrepreneurs learn from each other, so find a co-founder that sees the world through the same lens and don’t go it alone.

Entrepreneurs, Don’t Discount the Small Wins.@Influencive.If you are doubting yourself as an entrepreneur, these words of wisdom may help explain why.

The Productivity Tricks of 7 Successful Entrepreneurs.@Forbes.Working hard to create success isn’t enough. You must also work smart.

Year-End Habits Entrepreneurs Should Adopt.@INC.As we close in on the end of 2017, here are some tasks every entrepreneur should plan for.

Entrepreneurs: Grab These Last-Minute Tax Breaks While You Still Can.@CNBC.Get ahead by doing some planning in December, and small businesses should be preparing to pay taxes on January 15.

7 Ways Blockchain Will Enable Entrepreneurs in 2018.@INC.Blockchain is so much more than technology used for cryptocurrencies. Here are 7 ways blockchain is enabling an entirely new generation of entrepreneurs.

6 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Avoid Doing It Alone.@Forbes.From partnership at home, to partnership in the office, to mentors and accelerators – teamwork is where good ideas become great.

Role Models: 4 Women Entrepreneurs Dead-Set on Lasting Success.@Influencive.The following 4 women are leading their industries and have something to teach us about entrepreneurship.

8 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow in 2018.@INC.From building a better personal brand to finding success in the face of adversity, these 8 podcasts will prepare you to reach new heights in 2018.



Game Changers: Difference-Making.11/7/2017 Steph’s Stories.Everyone one of us desires to make a difference. How do you define making a difference?

Why Desire Matters at Work.Kristen Wheeler, 11/24/2017 Tips from the Community.Founder of Native Genius, Kristen Wheeler, shares valuable methods for finding innate talents and capitalizing on all they have to offer. It’s genius!



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