Hello All InCommunity! The past 15 months of curating trending entrepreneurial articles for easy consumption has been an honor and down right fun. This will be my last curated blog for the foreseeable future. Don’t worry, I’m not halting my reading and researching. I’m just going to try my hand at sharing my favorite articles on a daily basis. So, follow me on Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn: @BreedloveSteph. Happy Holidays and enjoy!



Three Common Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Unknowingly Make in Sales Meetings.@Forbes.Even if the ‘art of sales’ comes naturally to you, you must have a process for success. Great tips.

What’s Your Problem? Why Entrepreneurs Always Need One.@Forbes.Solve a problem that affects enough people and you may just find yourself part of something bigger.

How Women Entrepreneurs and Their Employees Can Save for Retirement.@Forbes.Less than 30% of businesses with fewer than 100 employees offer a retirement plan. Become one of them. The benefits for your employees are exponential.

How Mogul Makes It Possible for HR Departments to End Sexual Harassment.@Forbes.Mogul is aiming to reform how workplace sexual harassment is reported and treated. Great article on forward progress in such an important area.

The Secret Sauce of Entrepreneurship.@HuffPost.What’s the secret sauce? Idea, talent, capital and bloody persistence.

10 Traits of Entrepreneurs Who Built Billion-Dollar Companies.@EntMagazineME.Successful entrepreneurs come from every imaginable upbringing and background, yet they all have inherent abilities that set them apart.

For Entrepreneurs, A Tough Moment: The Pivot.@NYTimes.It’s the moment many entrepreneurs hit eventually, and the moment many resist.

Three Ways to Advance Women Entrepreneurs.@Forbes.By focusing on funding, confidence and role models.



How to Create a Company of Owners and Why It Is Smart Business.12/7/2017 Steph’s Stories.Creating a company of passionate, driven people is strategic, requires long-term commitment, and must be woven into the way you work, but the return on investment is exponential.

Why Desire Matters at Work.Kristen Wheeler, 11/24/2017 Tips from the Community.Founder of Native Genius, Kristen Wheeler, shares valuable methods for finding innate talents and capitalizing on all they have to offer. It’s genius!


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