Every one of us desires to make a difference. Whether we are twenty, thirty, forty, or seventy, we want to feel we are having an impact on the world in some way. How do you define what it means to make a difference? I believe with all I have that answering the call to become an entrepreneur is the difference I am meant to make in the world. In becoming what I am, I hope to become better than I am. This belief allows me to stay centered, eliminating the complication of what it means to make a difference. I trust that when my best talents are exercised, it translates into difference-making deeds across my full life. This applies to each one of us. We can choose the journey of excellence. We seem to make it far more complicated than it needs to be. Focus on who you are, and this will generate excellence that makes a difference.

All In to Make a Difference

Answer the call and bravely make tough choices where there are no easy answers. I am incredibly passionate about the power of being all in, because I’ve seen too many unfavorable outcomes when this element was missing. It is your secret ingredient. It is what creates the 1% mindset shift that makes the difference between success and failure. It is the personal difference maker for me. Maybe it’s being all in that makes the difference. Maybe it’s that simple.
The commitment to being all in sometimes takes all you can give and then asks for more, but in return, it will develop your unique talents to the fullest, create who you were meant to be, and your world will benefit exponentially from receiving your best. You will make the difference you are capable of making and that you dream of making.

Better Than the Right Place, The Place

When you are not just in the right place but the place, amazing things happen. The obstacles become welcome challenges, the work becomes energizing, the passion you inspire creates great ideas, the quality you deliver creates value, your good deeds are copied, and the change you create is emulated. You will bring real difference to all in your life, including family, business, industry, community, economy, and society as a whole. Your difference will be infectious and compounding. It is empowering, confidence-building, and simply joyful. Now that’s difference-making.

Always All In,



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