When it comes to business, working hard is nothing without working smart.

The power of priority in each area of life produces a ripple effect that strengthens the whole.

We’ve all worked with companies whose priorities and strategies are like Baskin-Robbins, where there’s always a new flavor of the month. They work extremely hard. There’s a lot of quantity for very little quality, and the result of massive effort is nominal forward progress. When you are in a priority meeting at one of these companies, everyone in the room knows that the overwhelming list of priorities is in a constant state of growth. This growth can’t be accomplished in the desired time frame, even with more resources thrown at it. Yet no one says anything. Everyone moves forward at a harrowing pace that does not produce their best. The power of priority in each area of life produces a ripple effect that strengthens the whole. The result is decreased productivity, quality, and success. This produces two steps forward and one step back, creating great pain.

Don’t be one of these companies.

Your priorities should support your short-term goals. Your short-term goals should support your long-term goals, and every effort should align with your overarching company goals. A priority written down with a date to bring it to life becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by strategies for execution makes your priority a reality. It is hard work, but it maximizes pace and prevents the backward steps.

It’s often easier said than done, and measuring helps get you there. Set your priorities and pace, and measure the results. Did you get there with a level of expediency that comes from focus but also delivers quality and great success? Are your priorities aligned with your goals and are they achievable? Work hard to achieve them, and ride the wave that takes you further next year. There is a compounding effect that enhances quality as well as pace.

If you are not prioritized, a fast pace takes you nowhere. Don’t work hard without also working smart. I believe that setting and living priorities aids in seeing and vetting new ideas most effectively. When you know your priorities, it is easy to evaluate the impact of a new idea and whether its value requires reprioritizing. This clarity allows you to remain aligned with your goals while giving the best ideas the attention they deserve. Your plate of priorities has a finite amount of space, and reprioritizing what’s on the plate to make room for something better guarantees quality and success at the most effective pace.

Always All In,


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