The theme of the last 2 weeks of entrepreneurial articles is Call to Action. My favorite articles have not just been filled with things to know, but even better, things to do – for growth, improvement and enhanced success. Knowledge is power. Enjoy!



Abandoning Great Expectations: How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Disappointment.@EntMagazineME.In entrepreneurship, as in the rest of life, there is usually a gap between what we want and what we have. Dealing with it is another leadership skill. Valuable calls to action.

The Power of Master Classes for Entrepreneurs.@Forbes.For entrepreneurs, isolation as company leaders can make a master class a powerful learning environment.

Getting Women Off the Sidelines and Into the Investment Game.@Forbes.This is smart business. In my efforts to move this needle, it is apparent that we need to first teach women how to be investors before we can get them comfortably into the game.

These Are the 5 Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask Themselves if They Want to Create Real Change.@EntMagazineME.MIT’s Solve aims to assist innovators who are tackling the world’s biggest problems.

20 Quotes on Coping with Change from Successful Entrepreneurs and Leaders.@EntMagazineME.Business is change, and everyone loves a useful quote. Here are some of the best quotes about change.

Forget the Apprentice, Where Are All of the Young Entrepreneurs?@ConversationUK.Enhance your knowledge of the landscape you work in: Easy to digest research and stats on millennial entrepreneurs.

How Entrepreneurs Can Build a Business and Live a Sustainable Life.@Forbes.Balance is not the answer, indeed, it is a fool’s errand. Be real, be whole, be innovative.

Human Intuition Is the Future of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.@EntMagazineME.Great opportunity awaits those who can ‘teach’ computers to process information more like a brain and less like a circuit board.

How Successful Entrepreneurs Maximize Wealth Selling Their Companies.@Forbes.Planning is never over-rated: Ongoing business planning, good negotiations, wealth management.

Innovating While Female: Women Entrepreneurs Face Long Odds.@CBSNews.A new study by CrunchBase brings forth more knowledge for smart progress.



Have You Found Your Secret Sauce.?10/12/2017 Steph’s Stories.In a world of tough competition, how do you distinguish your brand from the rest?

The Mother-Founder Paradox and It’s Meaning to Entrepreneurship.10/26/2017 Tips from the Community.By Jen Mellon, Co-Founder @Trustify. Jen transparently shares on the paradigm shift needed around women who are also parents, and their ability to be good entrepreneurs. Thank you for stepping out Jen!




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