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12/14/2017 Edition of Entrepreneurs Should Know

Hello All InCommunity! The past 15 months of curating trending entrepreneurial articles for easy consumption has been an honor and down right fun. This will be my last curated blog for the foreseeable future. Don’t worry, I’m not halting my reading and researching. I’m just going to try my hand at sharing my favorite articles [Read more]

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12/1/2017 Edition of Entrepreneurs Should Know

The word that summarizes the theme of the latest entrepreneurial articles is Habit. Not tips or advice, but committing to smart habits for generating success. I think we’ve begun to analyze a little more broadly as we prepare to make improvements in the new year. Knowledge is power. Enjoy!



Why Entrepreneurship is Better Together.@Forbes.Entrepreneurs [Read more]

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11-23-17 Kris Wheeler Tips

Hello All In community! Today’s wisdom comes to you from Kristen Wheeler, Founder and Creator of Native Genius. Kristen shares her valuable and unique methods for finding your innate talents, your right path, and how to capitalize on all her methods have to offer. It’s genius. The new year is coming – a great time [Read more]

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11/2/2017 Edition of Entrepreneurs Should Know

The theme of the last 2 weeks of entrepreneurial articles is Call to Action. My favorite articles have not just been filled with things to know, but even better, things to do – for growth, improvement and enhanced success. Knowledge is power. Enjoy!



Abandoning Great Expectations: How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Disappointment.@EntMagazineME.In entrepreneurship, as in [Read more]

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10/19/2017 Edition of Entrepreneurs Should Know

I just returned from an entrepreneurial conference in which everyone seemed to be on the prowl for the latest research data and the latest valuable resources. Entrepreneurship is a fragmented world. Today’s ‘Latest’ contains a vetted resource list plus a summary of 2017 entrepreneurial studies that I have found of value. I know [Read more]

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10-5-2017 Entrepreneurs Should Know

10/5/2017 Edition of Entrepreneurs Should Know


The most appropriate word for thearticles over the past two weeks is EDGY. Strong opinions dominate with data-backed arguments. There is also solid follow through with ideas for seizing opportunity or creating change. Don’t complain without offering a solution! Good stuff. Enjoy!



Has Social Media Ruined Professional Networking for [Read more]

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Tips From the Community

Hello All In community! Today’s wisdom comes to you from Janice Omadeke, Founder of The Mentor Method. If you are thinking about raising money or trying to raise money, Janice’s authentic advice will be a game changer. Thank you Janice for telling it like it is, but with a glass-half-full outlook!

[Read more]

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